Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Caggies Logo Contest

I'll update my schedule later today, but I wanted to share something real quick.

The Comic Artists Guild (CAG) along with the Catch Da Craze Podcast have teamed up to have a logo contest for the CAG Awards, which I have entered. The winner gets $50, an interview and promotion on the podcast, and more. And of course their logo used for the CAG Awards.

So far only two people have submitted, myself being one of them. You can find my seven entries at the bottom of the link attached to the title of this post.

It's not a vote thing I don't think, I just wanted to share with you all. It was fun taking a few minutes out of work to create these logos. I hope you like.

Here's more info on the contest, CAG and Catch Da Craze:

Create a logo to represent the CAG AWARDS aka "The CAGGIES". The Comic Artist Guild is a National Organization whose goal is to make comic book lovers connect and network together on projects, as well as give everyone in the group the opportunity to get exposure.

A logo is needed and we are reaching out to the creative world to create an identity befitting the name. Think Grammies or Oscars meets comics.

Prize: $50 cash for the winning logo plus
1 month free promotion on Catch Da Craze Podcast with an exclusive interview.
Interview on The Comic Book Novice radio Show.
Deadline is Feb 25th 2008 (I think they extended this)
Entries should be sent to Guests@catchdacraze.com
The CAGGIES ceremony to be held in April. More to come.

About the Sponsors:

Catch Da Craze Podcast is a weekly show for independents by independents. Our focus is to promote the individual creators in comics, movies, gaming and more. www.catchdacraze.com

The Comic Book Novice
consists of 4 people. All with a different view of the world of comics. Hosted by Mark Torres, The Comic Book Novice radio show airs each and every Thursday nite @ 9pm est on www.am1240wgbb.com Also, check out our web site www.mfc-studios.com


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