Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol

Yep, I'm hijacking my own blog to talk American Idol. Hey, I like the show, and if I had the chance I would have auditioned before I passed the age limit. In fact, my little cousin said she was going to kidnap me and make me audition next year regardless of my age. Yeah, we'll see. 31 year old Brant (b-day's next month) auditioning for American Idol to compete with 16-28 year olds. Yep, they'll tell me to hit the road...

Anyway, tonight is the first elimination of the top 24. Four people will go home (two guys, two girls). From what I've read online, most think the girls (last night) outdid the boys (Tuesday night) this week. I completely disagree. The bottom 2 of the guys was very clear cut for me, while the girls were a little unclear as there were more than two (more like 5) that could go home.

In my opinion, Garrett and Luke are the guys going home if America voted correctly. Chikezie and Jason would be my next picks, but Garrett and Luke were terrible. At least Chikezie and Jason sang okay - they were just boring.

As for the girls, I hate to say it, but Kristy Lee Cook and Joanne Borgella were my least favorites of the night, followed closely by Amy Davis. Two of those three will go in my opinion, and I'd say Joanne will be the one to stay, but not for her talent. I didn't really care for Brook or Amanda either, though, but I think they are both talented. Heck, I think Kristy and Amy are talented too, but just had really bad nights.

So who did good this week? Well, of the guys, my favorites were David Archuleta, Michael Johns and Jason Castro for different reasons. David is just an amazing singer, while Johns has an awesome voice and unaware confidence. Jason I liked because he was different and not afraid to be himself. He stood out in a good way.

As for the girls, I loved Alaina's performance and her vocals. She, Syesha and Ramiele were the best of the night for me. Kady I thought had a really bad night, and she's got some maturing to do personality wise (she seemed mad at the judges' comments, and that could cost her tonight). Carly was really good as well, I just don't care for her personally. She's got amazing talent, and she probably was one of the best also, just something about her I don't get.

I missed a few, like David Cook and Alexandrea Lushington, who were both unique and good.

Right now my top 12 are David Archuleta, David Cook, David Hernandez, Jason Castro, Michael Johns, Danny Noriega, Ramiele Malubay, Alaina Whitaker, Syesha Mercado, Asia'h Epperson, Carly Smithson and Brooke White. We'll see how close I am as the weeks progress.


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