Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yuwie and More

I've just joined a site called Yuwie.com, which is kind of like MySpace, only you get PAID for using it! I thought I'd give it a try, and thusly, I've invited a lot of my friends to join also. So if you've received an invite from me, that's what it's for.

My page is at

You may have also noticed a few other links popping up in the sidebar. Yes, I am now doing one of those online cellphone stores, and I have a power mall. Do I expect to become rich from these things? Not a chance. I'm not sure I even expect them to make a dent, but I figured hey, they're free, so why not? If they make money, great. If not, then no big loss. But if you're curious, check them out. :)

So no, I'm not looking for get rich quick stuff in case anyone is wondering. I'm just hoping to set up some supplemental income while I build my freelance workload and of course work regularly in the meantime. And hopefully eventually I'll get to make a good living, out of debt, doing what I love instead of having to slave away in jobs I hate that only serve to provide for corporate America and not the workhorses behind it.

That is all.


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