Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Updates for the Day

So far this has been a long day! And it looks like this is going to be a long week.

I've begun listing a few things on eBay to earn some extra cash, but honestly with the items I have I'm not sure the fees are even worth it, even with the free gallery pictures currently offered! So I may nix that whole idea as I have very little to spare on those fees!

I have been working on a potential illustration for children's book I may be involved with, but my scanner is blinking "ERROR" so now I can't get it to the writer for review. Argh.

I did get all the pages of Superworld Presents I had done yesterday, and today I've received more!

I also got a small logo gig, and possibly another small lettering gig, so that's cool. Every little bit helps.

As for Merc43, I'm still awaiting changes to the script on several pages and in the meantime jumping around between random pages.

I've also agree to do a pro bono 7 pager for AC Comics because I thought I could fit it in and it would be fun (this was before the new gigs of course). So I've still got that to do.

And I've still got to finish a pinup for inclusion in the Epsilon Realm: Raven One-Shot, as well as add a logo I did to a high res cover.

I also have to send in some solicitation copy and the cover to Diamond for a book I'm helping out on.

So, needless to say, I've been busy and will stay busy. The sad thing is I still need a LOT more work to cover everything left void from two and a half months of no pay on top of Christmas! Sigh.

Well, I better get back to it...



Jenny said...

A couple of things that might help your auctions are:

- combined shipping- if you don't package your stuff up till it sells, this little ploy will get your bigger sales and repeat customers- you don't even have to put "$1.50 for additional items" on the auction. Just list on there that you offer combined shipping and for the buyer to wait till you send off an invoice to pay. If you're worried about weight- if you're shipping in a box, add about 10-16ozs to the weight of the item for estimates. If it's in an envelope, just weigh that and add it to the item weight

- speed up your shipping time- 7-10 business days is a long time for someone to wait for their package just to be mailed off. I would speed it up to 1-3 days. Can't make it to the post office? Print your labels online through PayPal or USPS.com and then request carrier pick-up at your home. Both services are free and if you print your labels through PayPal or eBay you get free delivery confirmation AND international shipping is cheaper than if you went to a USPS location

- reduce your media mail shipping charges- I bought a bunch of books from AbeBooks.com a couple of months ago and was excessively ripped off by one company- they charged me $12 to ship a $3 package. They argued that it was to cover overhead and the employee's wages that shipped my package. Ummm... that's not what shipping costs are for...

Shipping costs should be just that- to cover shipping. While you shouldn't pay out of pocket for supplies (and maybe that's why your prices are higher), don't go over more than necessary. I find this is especially important when shipping comics- I know I've lost a few potential buyers from international destinations 'cause of this- even though I charge actual cost (no handling at all)- I only ship via Priority International and it's pretty expensive. Who wants to pay $20 for a $3 comic? Now I offer First Class International when I can and my sales have gone up.

Hope this helped- if not, Merry Christmas anyways! =)

Brant W. Fowler said...

I'll be emailing you soon. :)