Friday, December 07, 2007


I'm in a rather odd mood today. I can't explain it really, just odd. I'm sleepy, but I can't sleep. Hungry, but I can't eat. Kind of whimsical, yet kind of bored. It's an odd mixed bag of emotions that leaves me making funny faces at the computer as I type this for no apparent reasons. It's as if I'm trying to find the emotion by contorting my face in bizarre ways.

Anyway... I got really busy yesterday, so I'm sorry I didn't give an update.

First 6 pages of SWP (Superworld Presents, a hilarious and fun comic to read and work on) have been sent off, the next 7 are about halfway done.

I had to request some clarification on some pages of Merc43, so I'm waiting on those. In the meantime, I've finished some random pages of it. Still shooting for the weekend for completion, but it may be a day or two later than that.

Sent off the first five pages of Shelter #1 early this morning.

I also applied for a BUNCH of freelance gigs ranging from copywriting to testing to logo and banner design. Haven't gotten any responses yet sadly.

The bills are pouring in as fast as what little money I have is funneling out, so if you've got some work for hire stuff sitting around, I'm available!

I did get a very interesting email about a potential job yesterday, but I can't share that yet. I'll give more details on that as I can. If it works out it will be pretty awesome for me.

My brother's killing me this year. With funds low (the full-time job just isn't cutting it these days - long story), my brother, who's 15, would have to pick this year to want only expensive stuff. His wishlist this year includes:

Alienware gaming laptop
XBox 360 Elite
Guitar Hero III
Dean Razorback Guitar
Emerica Nomad Jacket
Money for Clothes
Money for CDs

And that's just the main things. Not one thing under $100 there.

My mother's not much better as she wants a laptop as well, and a GPS device for the car, and she kind of wants the dog too (they both want a miniature Schnauzer). I do have her a bunch of small things I've accumulated over the past several months, and my brother bought her something yesterday. So she's covered sans a big gift, but I don't know what I'll do about my brother. I just can't swing all that, nor can my mother. But we'll work it out, we always do and manage to have a decent Christmas.

Not that it's about the gifts, I'm just the kind of person that LOVES giving gifts, especially after building up how much I can't get them, then if things work out seeing the looks on their faces when they get it anyway. Doesn't happen often, but it's a nice thought. I just love seeing them happy.

So let's see. Nothing special going on, haven't been watching much TV or movies lately, and my life is pretty much boring. Just work, work, work.

I know I saw a couple of news stories I wanted to talk about, but they've completely slipped my mind now.

I will say that I have become increasingly annoyed at the misuse of the apostrophe lately. Maybe it's the editor in me, but for a while now it crops up everywhere, and it's starting to drive me crazy! If you're talking about a decade, the there is NO APOSTROPHE. It's not 80's, unless you're following that with something the 1980s own. And if you leave of the "19" then it's '80s. And when you're talking plurals, it's "CDs", not "CD's". And these are common mistakes that are being made by professional writers all over the place. I don't mean to harp, it's just become a pet peeve of mine of late.

Oh, and have you all heard of the mail delivery New York Pizza place? Check out They literally mail you a New York style pizza. The pizza only costs $12.99 to $27.00, but the shipping? $65! Worth it? I don't know, I've never had New York pizza. But loving pizza as I do, if I had that kind of extra cash laying around I would probably try it once.

Another thing I was wondering about lately is why we care so much about the lives of celebrities. Sure, if you become an entertainer of some sort there is a perceived responsibility to the fans in regards of presenting yourself as a figure of respect. But let's be fair. They didn't ask to be role models, they're just doing what the love to do, or what makes the big bucks, however you want to look at it. Yet they are held with an immeasurable and unfair scrutiny more than even the President is under, and that's quite a bit! They don't really deserve it. Do I agree with the life choices of the latest starlet, pop singer or whoever? Not necessarily. Is it any of my business? Not really. So why do we care so much? Are we really that bored? Don't answer that.

If you're really that bored, or just want to see something cool, click the title to find some videos of Christmas lights synced to Christmas songs. I couldn't find the one I wanted to share, but some of those are pretty cool too.

Now I'm just looking into the ethers trying to pull things down to talk about, so I'll spare you of any further rambling.


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Ray said...

Whimsical! Haven't heard that word used much lately.
I'm off on holidays for five days visiting the family.