Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Poseidon and Children of Men

Late last night before I went to bed I finally got around to watching Poseidon. I had been told by several people that it wasn't any good, so I had avoided it, but last night I was bored and couldn't sleep.

Honestly, I kind of liked it. I think it got a bad rap because people probably compared it to Titanic, which was more of a love story/drama, whereas this film was a suspense action movie at best. So I think the critics and general movie goers were a little unfair on this one.

Was it the greatest movie I've ever seen? Of course not. But the action sequences and suspense were decent enough, and the acting was top notch in my opinion. They could have dug a little deeper into the characters and that would have made it much more appealing, but for what it was I can't complain.

I also watched Children of Men as I ate my dinner since there was nothing else on. It was an okay movie with an interesting concept. It was kind of like a non-sci-fi version of Aeon Flux set in a real world setting in a dystopian near future. So it resonated a little more, and was interesting, but got kind of boring at points.

Aside from that and a little bit of ECW wrestling, that's all the TV yesterday, so you can see I am feeling much better. The bad news is, I've gotten a cold from my mother and brother, so now I can't swallow. Ugh, will it never end? :)


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Ray said...

Children Of Men is one of the best movies I've seen in the last year or so. The scene near the end when everyone sees the baby is as moving as you'll witness in a film.