Monday, October 01, 2007


This probably isn't the most visible place to post this, but I needed to say it somewhere. There is a website that charges $5 to convert .docx files (MS Word 2007 default, which is NOT backwards compatible) to .doc files. The problem with this is there are multiple FREE ways to do the same thing as I have just discovered.

First, there's a download from that will allow you to open .docx files in your older versions of the program. There are also free services that convert if for you at NO CHARGE! So beware this site: that will try to swindle you out of $5. Click the title of this post to find out about the other methods available.

As an aside, this is my 600th post!



Crazz said...

Wow, 600???

Remember how you ruminated on the 100th? What a difference 500 posts make!

hicko said...

Happy 600 Brant (I'm closing on 400 myself).

Brant W. Fowler said...

Heh, yeah, Chuck, no rumination here. :) Just cold hard facts. Let's hope I don't get sucked back into the fanfare on my 1000th post! :)

Ray, thanks, man!