Friday, October 05, 2007

Closing Out the Week

For those of you that care to know, things are SLOWLY being worked out in that certain situation. Hopefully things will begin to progress faster soon. I wait with bated breath...

In the wide world of lettering, today I finished up most of Karma Game #1 for FE Comics. I say most because there are a few pages not colored yet, one I'm waiting on direction for, and two I forgot I had. So technically about 2/3 of the issue is done.

I'll be finalizing the Epsilon Realm Raven one-shot today as well and I may get to Lightning Squirrel.

I've also got some editing to finally get to today if it kills me. Things have been pretty hectic on the homefront, so I haven't spent as much time on the computer this week as I normally do.

On another note, I reconnected with an old friend and co-worker from my Lexmark days some 6 years ago thanks to the wonder that is MySpace. Turns out she's a model now who just signed with an agency out of New York. So things are going pretty well for her these days, and that was good to hear. She's a smart, cool lady and I'm happy for her.

I guess that'll do it on this fine (and unfortunately very rainy) Friday.


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