Saturday, September 08, 2007

Getting There...

Man, I slept half the night and half the day away! I feel a little better now that I got some rest though. So much for sleeping a couple of hours and working though!

I did manage to send Scott a rough Journeymen logo, though I'm not happy with it yet.

I updated the SBC Reel.

I also sent out the SBC newsletter via ComicSpace, MySpace and the website, all which required different formatting.

I haven't uploaded Redshift yet because I realized I used the wrong font and am going back and correcting all that now. Sigh.

And I haven't edited the script yet, and here it is 8:30 on Saturday night. I'll get to it though, I have to.

On another note, tonight on Spike TV is UFC 75, which I'll most likely tape. I also plan to watch Disturbia sometime this weekend.

And that is all for now.


1 comment:

hicko said...

Ooh, I'm quite keen to watch Disturbia as well! Can I come over?!? Just kidding, let us know what you think.