Saturday, August 25, 2007

This Weekend...

... is catch-up weekend! Somehow in the course of a busy week I've gotten behind again, and so I have to once again use the weekend to catch up.

I should have known with it being solicitations week (always a busy week for posting on SBC) I would have fallen a little behind. But man, I hadn't realized how far behind until I realized I hadn't yet completed things I tried to complete last weekend.

So, here's the list for things I'm going to try to accomplish this weekend in random order. Some of them I have to get done this weekend, others I may push a day or two.

Blood and Devotion logo revision (should have already done this)
Fracture lettering corrections
Aroquin script revisions/completion
Final Shadows lettering
Godsend lettering
Raven One-shot lettering
Review a script for a friend
Post and mail SBC Newsletter
Friday's SBC Reel (late obviously)
Review, sign and send a contract for some editing services
Redshift lettering (way behind on that one)

I think that's it, as if that all wasn't enough! Note that not all those lettering gigs are full issues. Most are only 5-10 pages or so. I just hope I can get it all done and soon! I need to catch up on the lower priority stuff at some point. I'll get a handle on all this eventually (eventually meaning as soon as I get caught up to where I can pace myself properly).

I almost hesitated posting this as I didn't want anyone to think bad of me for not being as on top of things as I would like. It's just been crazy, and as you all know, once you fall behind it's hard to get back on top of it. The problem comes when you start getting a bunch of stuff you committed to a while back all come in at once, which often happens to me. Then it becomes a bit overwhelming. But I'm planning on this being a successful weekend where I can post Monday or Tuesday that I got caught up and came up with a plan on how to manage all this (and time) a lot more efficiently!

We'll see...


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