Sunday, August 26, 2007

Small Late Night Update

Just thought I'd give a status report:

Blood and Devotion logo revision (Started)
Fracture lettering corrections
Aroquin script revisions/completion (Started)
Final Shadows lettering (Prepped/Laid Out)
Godsend lettering (Prepped/Laid Out)
Raven One-shot lettering (Somewhat Prepped)
Review a script for a friend (Done)
Post and mail SBC Newsletter (Done)
Friday's SBC Reel (late obviously) (Done)
Review, sign and send a contract for some editing services (Not Yet)
Redshift lettering (way behind on that one) (Half Done)

So I made some headway today. Tomorrow will be another busy day!

Also, my art supplies came in the mail today! Yay! Art table is still in pieces though. lol


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