Tuesday, August 14, 2007

An Old Friend... In Tights?!

When I was 13 a school friend of mine introduced me to my very first comic shop. I never knew such places existed. But with that introduction, that, as they say, was history. That's where my love for actually working in the medium was eventually born.

Fast forward several years, we've graduated high school and we're still close, but not for long. Our lives took us on different paths and we parted ways. That was roughly, say, seven or eight years ago. I saw him once I think about four or five years ago, maybe longer, but only briefly.

Fast forward once again to this past weekend. As I was reading through the coverage from Wizard World Chicago both for posting for my job and for pleasure I found myself getting a kick out of all the photos and of course the costumes. WWC had a costume contest in fact, and what do I find? A picture of a guy dressed as DC's Captain Boomerang who is a dead ringer for my old friend!

Could it be him? I can't really be sure as it's been many years since I've seen him. So I showed the picture to my cousin, who hung out with him for a few years after he and I parted ways. He agrees if it's not him he's got a twin out there.

So, Jonathan Baxter, if this is you and you somehow find this blog, man, let me know. I'm really very curious now.


(Click the title to see the picture - the guy on the right)

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