Monday, August 06, 2007

Not Enough Hours

I had four hours of sleep last night, and by last night I mean mid day today as I couldn't sleep a wink last night. I don't know why, just every time I tried to lay down I was wide awake even though I was quite exhausted.

I did find out one of my former Sunday School students, who just turned 18, is going into the military very soon, so that weighs on my mind some. The kid is like a little brother to me, so obviously I'm concerned for his safety and hope he's making the right decision. I admire and respect all those who enlist to protect this country, but I also worry about the innocence of our youth being lost to war.

I haven't yet been able to come up with a workable schedule with all my various responsibilities, so I'm always feeling like I've missed something, or that I just don't have enough time. I seem to be keeping up with everything, though, just not on any regular set timetable. My sleep schedule is constantly in flux, thus making me always feel tired. I'll figure it out eventually.

Right now I have two lettering gigs ahead of me along with the others that aren't priority. I just finished a few logos this weekend and have one more to do. I'll post the logos on my site soon enough. I may even post them on the blog.

Wizard World Chicago is coming up this weekend, and The Young Explorers crew will be out there promoting away! Scott (Wannabez) might get to go out on Saturday and Sunday and he will most likely have flyers for the issue of Mysterious Visions that Wannabez is featured in, which is slated to come out in September. And Cary and Chuck will also be out there doing their thing. I wish I could join all of them, but alas, it was not meant to be.

Speaking of wizards (nice segue, huh?) I've got less than 100 pages left in the final Potter book. I've been taking my time with it trying to savor it so to speak since it's the last one. And thus far it's been a really great read as usual. But what I just learned (and I know I'm behind the rest of the world) is quite the turn. Love or hate the "witch" aspect of the series, Rowling is a very good writer, and she manages to infuse tons of universal themes and even moral lessons within the pages of this fantasy series.

I watched Deja Vu this past weekend, and it was an ok film. I'm a big Denzel Washington fan, but this wasn't one of his best. I mean he was great in it, I just think they could have pushed the story even further than they did, so it fell short of what it could have been.

Who Wants to be a Superhero? is off to a... strange start. Two episodes deep, and the cheese factor familiar from last season has increased times 3! It's still an enjoyable show, but it definitely plays on the cheesy aspect that most people outside of comics associate with comics.

Tonight is the season finale of Making the Band 4, where supposedly the group will be chosen. Of course Making the Band 3 went into a season finale and it was revealed they brought in more girls in the next season, so anything could happen. There are some really good singers in the remaining group of guys though, so I expect a conclusion. My cousin tells me I should have entered and I would have made it. I don't know about that as they are really good, I'm out of practice, and I actually did try the video contest route and didn't make it. In person who knows? Oh well.

In a few weeks we may have some exciting news to share about Wannabez, so keep watching the Wannabez blog for that announcement.

Does anyone watch Top Chef? (Yeah, I know, I watch way too much TV these days). I used to want to be a chef when I was little, and I do cook a little, though I'd love to learn more if I had the time and resources. So the show really appeals to me. This is the third season I've watched (it may be the third season of the show in fact, I'm not sure) and so far it's my favorite. I think it's really cool how they can come up with all these dishes under the time constraints they have.

Well, now I'm fishing for stuff to talk about, so it's probably time to call it for the day. Thanks for reading, I've noticed the numbers picking back up (and then I go and leave you for 5 days without a post!). It's good to have you all back!


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