Tuesday, July 24, 2007


So I was trying to think of something clever to title this post and was coming up blank. I was looking through the thesaurus, looking up quotes and nothing came to me. Then I go to yahoo.com and there's a feature story about the musical group Hanson all grown up. Seems they have a new single (hit the title link if you dare). So I figured the title to their one hit song was out there enough to pretend to be profound... or nonsensical, take your pick.

Anyway, the song's not bad. It's not great, but it's decent. And oddly enough, it appears the youngest brother (the drummer) is now the lead singer, or at least he is on this single. The middle brother always did the lead vocals when they were big.

Moving on...

So I made some corrections on Abiding Perditions: Dawn of the Spider #1 tonight, so that should be just about squared away. I'm actually getting pretty caught up, which is cool. It's been a long time!

I also accepted a part-time job as a publishing assistant yesterday for a book called The Young Explorers. The book will be presented at Wizard World Chicago, so look for the booth! I won't be there, sadly, but the rest of the crew will.

This weekend is Comic-Con, as I mentioned, and I'll be right here receiving articles from our writers that do get to go to post up on SBC. Them's the breaks.

Ghost Rider was... well, you all know. The best part about that movie, no question, was Eva Mendes. But aside from that, the effects were ok, and it was cool seeing Ghost Rider come to life. I thought the way he came buy the jacket and chain were done well, but the acting, oh the acting! And the dialogue! And the pacing, the plot... yeah. Visually, much better than Daredevil, but I actually liked Daredevil better.

Not much else to talk about right now. I've not eaten all day, and I've just finished working for now at 11:40pm! So I'm gonna take a shower, grab some food, and sit down and watch some TV before doing this all over again!



Jason Berek-Lewis said...

You don't eat until 11 pm!! As long as you don't eat after midnight, you should be fine - otherwise you turn into a Gremlin!

Daredevil was a great movie - I have seen it about 5 times. I also bought the Director's Cut which is awesome. I usually can't stand Ben Affleck as an actor, but I thought he was great as DD/ Matt Murdoch. I wish they would make a sequel.

hicko said...

I wouldn't call Daredevil a great movie but it was enjoyable and, yes, probably deserves a sequel. They should have done one instead of Elektra.

Brant W. Fowler said...

I liked Daredevil also, but not as well as Fantastic Four and definitely not as much as the Spider-Man or X-Men films. I did enjoy it a little more than the Punisher film though.

I liked Elektra personally. Not a terrible movie as some said.

Heh, Jason, I eat, sleep, LIVE on a strange, always changing schedule. Such is the benefit of working from home! (though I did the same thing when I didn't work at home. There would be times I'd be up until 4 and have to be to work at 8. Just who I am I guess). :)