Thursday, July 19, 2007

Abiding Perdition

Well, one of the aforementioned items is official. I got offered to letter a new Abiding Perdition mini-series, which I accepted of course. I just wanted to wait until I got the go ahead before I claimed it. So I'm stoked about that. The book is a lot of fun in the art style, so I'll have fun lettering it. I always seem to have a funner and easier time lettering if the style is something I dig or if it's a style that has a lot of energy and life to it. This is one of those.

I finished a couple of logos today, both were company logos. One was comic related (Dub Comics) and the other non-comic (Carlyle Investigations). I'll have them both up on my website probably this weekend. I also messed around with the Mojo Smith logo, but I'm still not satisfied with it. Next up is the Nine Unknown Men logo, which I'm shooting for this weekend.

My cousin and mother came across a used copy of Superman Returns at a pawn shop (my cousin goes there all the time looking for DVDs, video games and whatnot - they have a lot). I've seen it, but it was only $4, so I said pick it up. It's gotta tell you something, though, that it was only $4. I mean it hasn't been out THAT long. Even used, that's pretty cheap. But I liked it for what it was. Could have been much better, but ya know.

I still haven't seen Transformers, though my cousin tells me the special effects were awesome. I was a fan of the original cartoon, but I'm not one of these that has to have it mirror that completely. I realize that would be impossible and it still look realistic. So I don't think I'll be jaded when I do see it.

I still haven't even seen Fantastic Four 2. Or Ghost Rider! (though the latter is on its way - gotta love Netflix!).

I did manage to catch Elektra on cable last week, and it wasn't nearly as bad as the reviews I read. I actually kind of liked it to be honest. It certainly wasn't near Spider-Man or X-Men, or even Fantastic Four, but I thought it was a pretty decent flick. Of course I've only read about one, maybe two story arcs involving Elektra in my life, so I wasn't jaded there either.

I also saw Rocky Balboa finally. I think it did capture the spirit of the originals, but it had a lot of flaws to be sure. The main flaw for me was that the opponent was not built up nearly enough. Rocky V wasn't great either (1, 2 and 4 were the best, 4 being my favorite) but at least they spent some time developing Tommy Gunn and his story plot. In this one there are a few mentions of the guy, but not enough to either feel sorry for him, relate to him, or even hate him. I just didn't care about him, which made the fight a complete joke. Oh well.

Anyway, I'm about to crash so I can get up tomorrow and hit it all over again! Til then...


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hicko said...

Man you have to see Transformers but try and go with a few people if you can. Fantastic 4 is only OK and pretty much the same as the first one. I liked Rocky as well. Superman was great too!
Hey check out the Spiderpig clip from the Simpsons movie if you haven't already - it's a hoot!