Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Weekend

Alright, I am going to seriously try and start blogging more again. I've sucked at keeping up with it the past several months, I just got so busy. Still am, but I feel I owe it to all of you who used to read the blog all the time.

This weekend I haven't gotten much done. Haven't been feeling well and just kind of took most of the weekend to recuperate and rejuvenate. I did get a bit of lettering and other work done nevertheless though.

In the world of comics, I have not bought anything for a while, so I am so behind on what's going on. I've gotten some review copies of indy books (most of which I've already reviewed and forgot to post about them. I'll add them later this week). Some of them were pretty cool. I really liked this book from Platinum Studios called Unique.

Lettering is still steady and I still have a backlog. I'm trying hard to catch up to everything, so if you're waiting on something please know I am working on them every spare moment I get.

Writing has really slowed down again. I got Aroquin off to a great start, but this past week or two I haven't been able to do anything with it. Same for Wannabez, though right now it's all in Scott's hands, who is working on the pages every spare moment he gets. Keep checking the WBZ blog for updates on that.

In the personal life, I haven't heard from Dad for a few days, don't know that I will again for a while.

My family seems to be pulling more and more towards California these days. Recently my brother and his friends decided that after they graduate in a couple of years they are moving to California to pursue music. Seeing that I'm headed there myself as soon as it's feasible this was great news for me. I wanted my mom and my brother to move out there with me when I did. I haven't been away from my brother practically since he was born, and I couldn't imagine living so far away from him.

Nothing much else is going on. Thanks to the internet, I've gotten to reconnect with a couple of people, so that was cool.

Work is work, and it keeps me busy, probably too busy. I'm finding that I am very much a workaholic. I feel like I live at this computer (at times I even eat in front of it).

Speaking of work, for readers of my SBC Reel, it is very late as it was supposed to be posted Friday. It may make it up tonight, but then it's moving temporarily to two days a week, Tuesdays and Fridays. It's just too much for me to keep up with three times right now.

I guess that's it then. I lead a pretty boring life at the moment sadly, so no cool stories to share. And I won't bore you any longer with my mundane daily tasks, at least not today!



hicko said...

Hey Brant. Don't see life as boring - you don't get another one. It's cool not to have things to do from time to time just try and enjoy whatever it is you spend your time doing mate.

Brant W. Fowler said...

I appreciate that, man. It's not so much that it's boring in the since I'm depressed about it or anything. I just don't get a chance to get out too often is all. It gets boring sitting around the house, but such is life. I'm cool though. :) Thanks for the concern and the advice.