Tuesday, June 26, 2007


When the news first broke about the deaths of Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and their son Daniel my heart was torn and I felt very sad for them. I had thought, as I'm sure most did, that someone had murdered the Benoit family. So I made a post remembering who I considered one of the best wrestlers of all time. I have since deleted that post.

Over the past 24+ hours the truth has come out, that Chris Benoit murdered his wife and seven year old child, then killed himself over the period of three days. He bound and strangled his wife Friday, smothered his son Saturday, then killed himself early Sunday morning. The bizarre thing is around 4am Sunday morning Benoit sent text messages to co-workers informing them of his physical address and letting them know where the dogs were and what door was open. At this point his wife and son had been dead for many hours and left right where he killed them. His wife was in a family room/office, his son in his bed, both with a closed Bible laying beside their bodies. Sometime after sending the text messages Chris went downstairs into the weight room and hung himself using a pully from one of the machines. No suicide note was left.

It just baffles me the mindset someone would have to be to commit murder such as Chris did. He obviously wanted people to find them all there like that with no explanation. It has been a very strange unfolding, and my heart continues to go out for the two innocent lives lost in this tragedy and to all the friends and family members left behind.

I respected Chris Benoit's abilities, but now I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to watch a Benoit match again. This horrific incident has marred the life of a man many loved and respected. I can't imagine what those people are going through.

May God keep the souls of those innocent lives taken.


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