Sunday, June 10, 2007


Well, I'm not going down without a fight, but it doesn't look good for Wannabez. A few projects skyrocketed last night and shot from 80+ to over 120 and 130! My peeps just ain't votin' this time around (save the few that did, and to you I extend the utmost gratitude!).

It's not over yet, with a little less than EIGHT HOURS to go. But it's Sunday and people usually have better things to do on their weekends than sit around the computer voting for little ol' me. So we'll see how it plays out.

I feel good about the project regardless, and there has been some interest in it. So we'll see what happens from here. The important thing is this 12 page #0 issue will be published regardless, even if it is in an anthology. I'd still like to win though!

As for Totem, it's in a similar boat. I haven't checked the most recent votes, but it was in jeopardy just as much as Wannabez if not more at one point.

Both of these projects will eventually get out there, I can guarantee that. We've both come way too far with these particular projects (and both have been through way too many setbacks) to give up on them now.

Thanks for all your support, and if you haven't voted yet, THE CLOCK IS TICKING.

(click the title post to go to the thread to vote for Wannabez - for Totem check previous posts!)


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