Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lettering Updates

This past weekend was a full load with doing pre-press and lettering correction on three books totaling around 160 pages for Rogue Wolf Entertainment. Now I'm onto another issue for them I started already, Redshift #3.

Tomorrow I'll have the 9 page Mojo Smith and Grandma Crow for Matthew McLean done.

Here's some interesting news. One of the five entries I lettered for Platinum's Comic Book Challenge made the top 50! Troy Bowen's Nine Unknown Men. So I'm excited about that.

On the docket over the next couple of weeks I've still got:

Blood and Devotion logo for FE Comics
Corrections on Fracture #1 for FE Comics
Lightning Squirrel 3-4
Academy of Heroes #2
A short for Approbation Comics
and a few more smaller projects, a few I'm finishing up, and a couple I may be taking on.

And that's it for now I think. I've probably left out a few things that escape me at the moment.


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