Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Fun Continues

Well, today was a mess. We spent most of the day washing clothes, disinfecting furniture, and shampooing all our hair to get rid of the nasty little buggers mentioned in the previous post. Even after a very thorough shampooing and combing my brother still had some adults and eggs in his long, curly hair. We'll have to keep checking him daily now and give him another shampoo treatment in a week. What a way to spend the summer...



hicko said...

Gee man sounds like a nuisance. Takes you back to the old school days!
At least it's summer there - pretty damn cold here at the moment. Plus it's raining heaps, going to have to build an ark soon. But the dams are filling up so that's good.

Crazz said...

I'm sorry to HAIR that Brant!

Seriously, that sucks. I sure hope I don't ever have to go through that again. It's been over &*(^ years since that happened to me in 6th grade, and it sucked then too.

Hopefully it's not so bad that your brother has to get a buzz.

Jason Berek-Lewis said...

OUCH!! That brings back bad memories - I hope it's all sorted now.