Saturday, November 04, 2006

Weekend Briefing

I'm not entering the NaNoWriMo this year.

After considering it for the better part of two more days and seeing everything on my plate and everything coming up I decided it would be way too much for me to handle this year. I know me, I would start and then feel pressured to stay on top of it, get overwhelmed, and be really hard on myself for not finishing it.

So, maybe I'll participate next year or better yet just write one at my own pace. I do think it's a really cool project, much like the global jam and 24 hour comics day events are for comics. It's just not feasible right now.

I'd love to hear if any of you are doing it though.

I'm most likely going to kill the sketch blog here real soon. I thought I would have more time to devote to it when I started it, but it's just not something I can do right now. It just sits there week after week and it bothers me. As soon as I have the time to shift those entries to here or the website or something I'll do so. Until then there will most likely be no more updates over there.

I have neglected to get the interview for Sunday's column I promised due to time constraints, so now I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Maybe I can do it on the fly, I don't know. I guess we'll see.

I am slightly behind on my lettering jobs (this week has taken its toll on me in more ways than one). Luckily I'm caught up on all upfront paying jobs except one, which doesn't have a hard deadline. The others I'm working on when I can. I just had a busy and stressful week, not to mention being sick. But I assure you all I am working on all of themand will be done soon. And I have tried to stay in constant contact with everyone except for today while I was offline for a good portion of the day.

Speaking of being sick, my brother came down with a viral stomach infection, which kept him out of school for half the week. I'm thinking maybe I had that on top of whatever else I have. I'm trying some Zantac to see if that helps me. I hope it does because it's gotten to the point that any time I eat anything I immediately have some sort of pain. At times it's a severe burning sensation, other times it's a pretty bad ache, and other times it just feels like, pardon the bluntness, a really bad case of gas. Used to it was mainly tomatoes and milk that affected it, and of course anything with those in it, which is almost everything I eat. But now it's bread, chicken, pop, anything really.

My Mom is thinking about getting into real estate. I mentioned here just recently how her doctor took her off even the minimal stuff she was doing at work. They have nothing for her and she's been sitting home for a week and a half. Well, my Mom has been to college twice and started courses before, but she never got to take them anywhere. Either before I was born or in my very early years she got an Associates Degree in nursing, but because of me she had to put it on hold. That and my Dad was a chauvinist that didn't think work was necessarily a woman's place. Then right before she found out she was pregnant with Zach she had returned to community college, but had to drop out for obvious reasons. Then Zach's dad died and she's been working hard labor ever since sadly.

When I was a teenager she worked several places, like as an administrative person at a hospital and she was a dance instructor, which is something she absolutely loved. I forget why she had to quit.

Well, come to find out, Mom had started to get into real estate many years ago, but again because of me or Dad she had to put it on hold. A few years ago she also tried to get into a prop designing business with her sister, but her sister kept dragging her feet on it. Mom couldn't do it alone. And man, she was good at it. She can still take items bought at a dollar store, put them together and they look like something out of a magazine. She just has an awesome talent and design since.

So anyway, now that physical labor is out of the question she has become interested in real estate for a number of reasons. Aside from the obvious lack of physical lifting and such, one reason is the lucrative possible income potential. Also, my Mom could sell fire to Satan, without lying. She's been in retail before, and she is just good. She's got an awesome way with people and she's very, very likable, which is surprising because she can be very blunt. I guess the honesty with a sincere, non-demeaning smile and tone works wonders for her.

So I'm looking into what she could do to get started. She's not one to sit around doing nothing, and she's much happier doing something fulfilling, as we all are I suppose. She's worked hard (believe it or not, the 5ft 3, then petite woman was a bricklayer in her 20s) all her life and isn't one to sit on her laurels. These injuries and our circumstantial lifestyle have really taken the liveliness out of her. Hopefully this will be something positive for her.

Zach and I have been getting along really well the past few days. Of course he's always nicer when he's sick, but it's something different. I think we're finding our way back to that connection we had that for various reasons, the fault of both of us, got broken for a while.

Well, my nap earlier to revitalize me to be able to catch up on work through the silence of the night hasn't really helped. Now I've got a heaping headache and am still very tired. Luckily so far the Zantac has helped. I ate some cream cheese and crackers before my nap and my stomach isn't hurting yet. That was around 7 hours ago, so hopefully this is working.

Anyway, as I said I have a ton of work to do and daybreak (and the breaking of the silence as people awaken) is fastly approaching. So I'm off.



hicko said...

Sounds like there's been a lot on your plate. That stomach thing of yours concerns me Brant.
I've got a very big week ahead, the biggest of my year at work. But it's a good kind of busy, more enjoyable than the usual grind.

Brant W. Fowler said...

That's good to hear, Ray, enjoy it while you can and all.

Eh, I'm used to pain and discomfort by now. I'm constantly in pain with something. I don't like it, but until I inherit, win or steal a million dollars that's how it is, you know?

The past couple of days it has subsided a bit, but now I'm really sick, so it was a trade-off. It's taking all I can do to just sit here right now. I feel like a jackhammer is in my head. Ugh.