Thursday, October 12, 2006


Wow, I'm really slipping with my posts! I hadn't realized I hadn't posted since Monday. My bad.

This will be a short one, or at least I think it will.

Lost was another good episode this week. They spread out and showed Sayid, Sun and Jin and some more of Sun and Jin's past, which was cool. Next week we see what happened to Locke, Charlie, Eko and the English guy after the blast.

The third and final Tito Ortiz/Ken Shamrock fight was nearly as short as the last. It lasted around two-two and a half minutes I think and ended with Shamrock getting Ground and Pounded out. Shamrock then announced his retirement and the two shook hands and buried the hatchet, which was really cool to see.

I got into Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi for the first time the past couple of days. I'm a spiritual person and believe in demons and angels, but not so much in ghosts, as in the spirits of people who once lived walking around. But this show is really cool and the stuff they experience and catch on film is intriguing. I don't know how real it is, or if it is real if the spirits are ghosts or demons or whatever, but it's still fun to watch.

Tonight is Smallville, Supernatural, Ultimate Fighter and TNA Wrestling for me. I may also flip over to ER occasionally. Yep, it's a big TV night!

Been doing a lot of lettering this week, hope to have some more jobs come through and hope to have some announcements soon.

All I bought this week was 52 #23 so far, though I would have bought:

Uncanny X-Men 479
Thunderbolts #107
G.I. Joe America's Elite #16

I'm so far behind on G.I. Joe it's not funny. Uncanny I'll probably still pick up in a few days.

Next week if the funds are there I'd like to get:

52 #24
Wildcats #1
Noble Causes #24
Runaways #21
X-Factor #12
G.I. Joe Declassified #3

Most likely it will be 1-3 of those, namely 52, Runaways and Noble Causes.

And that's about it. Not real short, but not nearly as long-winded as I can be.


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hicko said...

You seem to like a lot of the stuff (TV wise) that I do Brant. I'm getting my hands on the first 2 eps of Lost of season 3 (not out here until February) next week so looking forward to seeing them.