Thursday, October 26, 2006

More Lettering News

I figured I'd drop a note on here since unfortunately it's been another few days since my last post. Ugh!

Anyway, this isn't the lettering gig I spoke of in my last post that I wasn't ready to divulge yet as I'm still saving that one. This one I've been holding off on because of a confidentiality agreement, but since I've seen it posted on forums and since it's going to be in the Comic Shop News I figure it's okay.

It's pretty common knowledge now, I think, in the comics community that Alias is focusing on Christian titles now. Well, Mike S. Miller, one of the co-owners of Alias started up another company called Abacus where he'll be publishing his titles Lullaby, The Imaginaries and Sixgun Samurai as reported here.

Abacus will also be publishing Mortal World Entertainment titles Kord and Harley and Soulless. I will be lettering these two titles! I was approached by Matthew Adams of MWE, who I have spoken with on several occasions to letter the titles and of course I jumped. It's a great opportunity and the art is beautiful. I haven't read the whole scripts yet, but I'm sure they are fantastic as well.

You can click the post title to go to Abacus' site and read about the titles where you will now see my name plastered on Kord and Harley. It's currently spelled completely wrong, but that will be fixed soon... I hope!

More news coming soon!



Frank Dirscherl said...

Congrats man, that's great news! You'll be working on the same title as my cover colourist Splash! (who also created the Abacus website btw). Awesome, I'm pleased for you, mate :)

Brant W. Fowler said...

Thanks, Frank! I may have talked to your friend, is his real name Gregory? Regardless, that's really cool. Small world and all.