Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Approbation Comics

The Pulse did a piece on Bart A. Thompson of Approbation Comics that went up today. In it are several pages I lettered for Approbation months ago. I thought that was pretty cool. Every page on there is mine. It's pretty simple lettering, but still.

Alex (what the A. stands for) gave me a lot of work when I was starting out and still would be except I had to cut back on the back-end stuff. But he really helped me out when I wasn't getting a lot of opportunities. So it's cool to see him getting his props.

You can click the title post to read the interview. Also, towards the end of the interview is a link to Indy Planet, which has Amour for sale, a book I lettered several short stories in. So buy that! :)

At the Comixpress they have Vampires Unlimited: SOTTC. I lettered either issue 2 or 4, both are there. I can't remember which one, but as soon as I find out I'll let you all know.


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