Thursday, September 28, 2006

TV and Comics

Wow, the past couple of days have really flown by, and I still have very little to say, or at least I think I do. I guess we'll see at the end of the post what the word count is.

I'm lettering a few projects at the moment, and I signed on with Hard Way Studios to letter some stuff for them in the near future. Click the post title to see my bio at their website, and to see who my five favorite comic characters and letterers are. It may surprise you.

My cousin, whom I used to babysite, had a birthday a few days ago. She's either 24 or 25 now and has been married for a couple of years. She graduated college (I was there) and is now teaching. Man, do I feel old! My other cousin just turned eighteen two weeks ago and that's just weird. I used to babysit him too, and he's really close with my brother. Wow.

I watched the pilot episode of Heroes twice. So far I really like the show. I'm not going to go into it all right now, but I just like the show a lot.

I caught the first couple episodes of Jericho. It's an okay show, but it just doesn't quite have the umph it needs. Though the ending of tonight's episode was pretty cool the way they hinted around.

I was never a fan of shows like Eureka, but when Johanna Stokes (BOOM! Studios), comic writer and one of the writers (or producers, I can't remember which I'm ashamed to admit) emailed me about the first episode she was involved with I tuned in. I've been hooked ever since. It's odd and takes some getting used to, but it's quirkiness is pretty fun to watch.

Smallville and Supernatural begin tomorrow night! Whoo-hoo!

Kurt Angle is coming to TNA. Yep, one of the best amateur and "professional" wrestlers in the world left WWE and is heading for TNA after rumors he would try his hand at MMA or UFC.

I ordered my first comics from the SBC store this week and should receive them in a few days. I'm excited about that because I've only ordered comics online once before, and that was for a single issue of G.I. Joe from (and various indies of course). If all goes well I may stick with this method. Now if I can just figure out a way to stop my stupid mail carrier from folding packages marked fragile in my tiny mailbox I'll be set!

And that's about it tonight. Not too bad, I guess. I'm still long winded. Oh well, you'll get over it. ;)



hicko said...

I've tried to get into Jericho and it's hard. When they build up a show it is almost always a let down.
At least you get to watch your favourite shows when you want. I have a 12 month lag, at least, on mine and have to wait for DVD release.

Brant W. Fowler said...

Yeah, that sucks, man. I think I would actually prefer having the DVD so I don't have to wait a week every time, but avoiding the reports of what's happened is nightmarish when you spend most of your time online. I can only imagine what you have to go through.

Some of the shows, though, are now online after the episode airs. I know and show some of their shows, full episodes, after they've aired. And of course iTunes has a lot of them for like a dollar. Might be something to look into if you don't want to wait.