Friday, September 22, 2006

Small Press Idol Round 4

Well, round 4 of the Small Press Idol is under way. And even though neither of the books I was lettering are in the running anymore I still wanted to vote and show my support. The contest was a lot of fun, so I gotta show the love.

I was actually torn between two of the competing titles, but ended up going with my first instinct. I won't say what the other one was, but the one I ended up voting for was Wicket & Imp.

Now, this round to vote you have to purchase a copy of the #0 issue, so if you'd like to do so for any of the titles click the title post to go to Dimestore's Idol page.

With an inker coming onto the book I think the final showing of this title will be much stronger than the previous rounds' images, which can be seen on the site. And if the cover (pictured here) is any indication I think I'm right. So best of luck to Jon and Jamal, I'm rooting for ya.


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