Monday, September 18, 2006

New Writing

I added a new poem to the site. Well, it's fairly new anyway. It's the Myth Conceptions poem I used in my column a few months ago that I forgot all about. So if you haven't read it you can check it out on the site now from the writing page. :)

Also, tomorrow's Myth Conceptions column is a huge one! I was pointed to the site to possibly feature in my column. After becoming familiar with it I couldn't resist. It's a massive fantasy world told in the form of prose and comics, which are both right up my alley. So after speaking with the creator of the world and the writer of the first web comic, Stoneteller, I got a whole bunch of info and images to share. I'll of course make a post when it goes live, but for all you fantasy fans out there you'll want to check this out.



Jason Berek-Lewis said...

I'm going to wait to read the column before I visit their site!

Brant W. Fowler said...

Cool, I think you'll enjoy it. William Ward from Ronin is involved. Actually he writes Stoneteller, and he's the one that turned me onto it.