Wednesday, September 13, 2006

From Left Field

After working all day I figured I'd just ramble on aimlessly about potentially nothing at all before turning in for the evening. I'm trying to wind down. You know that point where you're too tired to really do anything, but you're not quite tired enough to go to sleep. That's the point I'm at, so I'm hoping reading my own words as I type induces sleep!

Dancing With the Stars started a new season tonight. I haven't watched any of the previous shows except for part of the finale of the last season, and it was pretty good. I didn't watch the premiere tonight either, but I do have a reason for bringing it up. Two child stars are on it this season. Two child stars I watched a lot growing up, and I've got to at least check them out. I'm of course referring to Joe Lawrence and Mario Lopez.

Joe Lawrence, many will remember, and I'm showing my age, got his big break (pun intended) on the TV show Gimme a Break with Nell Carter. Of course you younger ones will mainly remember him from Blossom with his catch phrase, "Whoa!", then on the short lived sitcom with his two brothers Matthew and Andy.

Mario Lopez was actually on a Disney musical program called Kids Incorporated way back when he was a little guy. He played drums. But his most notable role was and is the part of AC Slater on the hit show Saved by the Bell. Since then he's mainly been hosting various shows and has done a couple of TV movies.

I always connected with Joe because we had similar interests (acting and music) and were around the same age. I've seen just about everything he's been in, and I have to admit, as wimpy as it makes me sound, I'm a fan. So I think it would be cool to see him dancing on the show.

I was also a big Saved by the Bell mark, even for the spin-off when they went to colleger. I never really cared for the new class though as I liked the original characters. And while Zach was my favorite, I loved Slater too. And I know he can dance, so I think it would be cool to see him perform as well.

Then there's the eye candy as Vivica A. Fox is also on the show. So needless to say, I might have to check this show out. Incidently, I taped tonight's episode for my mother, so maybe I'll just watch it.

Prison Break is in its third or fourth week of the new season and man is it off to a great start. There have already been two surprising deaths and several wild twists and turns. Next week's previews promise even more twists and turns. Man, I love this show!

I drew some today, mainly working on details on a piece I already had done but wasn't satistfied with. It's still not what I want it to be, but it's good practice. I'll post it somewhere when it's all done.

I'm doing an interview with Abdulkareem Baba Aminu (Kareem), who is a co-owner of a new Nigerian comic shop for Cary and I actually worked with Kareem for a while at Storrm, and I was excited to find out he was involved in this. We'll also be talking about the second ever comic convention to come to Nigeria, so that will be exciting as well. It should be up by the weekend hopefully.

I've got a couple of other interviews I'm working on as well, but I'm going to hold off announcing those yet.

You know what I had to eat today? Hushpuppies and a bowl of cereal. I believe that's it, and maybe a piece of fudge at some point, I don't remember. Oddly enough I'm pretty full. I only had six hushpuppies around lunch time and cereal around 10pm, 4 hours ago. I actually hope that continues to be my appetite as I feel I need to lose a few pounds.

I have not really had much time at all to post on messageboards. I've made a few posts at a couple of regular boards (DW, DBPRo and SBC) but that's really about it for a while now. I think I pop into Image and CBR and creatorfuze once a week or so with a post or two. I've just been too busy, and when I'm not I just don't have the energy to engage in all the conversations I'd like to.

For some odd reason Zach's school has a Disney costume day tomorrow. Today was superhero costume day, but Zach was home with bronchitis. I didn't know about this until this afternoon or I would have undoubtedly convinced him to go just so I could dress him up in some obscure character's outfit. lol. He's got a friend who has an Eore (Not sure how to spell that - the donkey from Winnie the Pooh) suit he's gonna wear. Zach doesn't have a costume because we didn't know about it until tonight. Oh well. I told him to throw a red t-shirt and baseball cap on and go as Kit Cloudkicker from Tailspin, but he said nobody would know who that is. Yep, I'm old. Then I said to throw a Hawaiian shirt on and go as Dale of Chip and Dale from the Rescue Rangers. Yep, still old. Finally I said just throw on an oversized shirt and toboggan and go as one of the seven dwarves. Surely they'll know who they are, right? Right? Man I'm old.

Speaking of old, all of Zach's friends think our mom looks like she's in her mid to late 30's. That made mom's day. Didn't do a whole lot for mine though. heh.

Ok, I'm about to start getting nonsensical as I feel my eyelids getting heavy, so I think I'll call it a night. Strangely I feel as though I sound more prolific and intelligent now half asleep than I normally do fully awake. I wonder what that says about me?

Final note, Smallville starts back two weeks from tomorrow (Wednesday), and I can't wait!




hicko said...

I used to watch Blossom every week, that's going back over 10 years now, but I thought it was hilarious. I liked how Six talked ridiculously fast and I liked Anthony's sense of humour, particularly when he was talking about his former drug problem. I also didn't mind Brotherly Love.

Brant W. Fowler said...

Ah, Brotherly Love. That's what it was called. lol. I had the theme song stuck in my head all day yesterday, but couldn't remember the name of the show. I watched it on and off.

Blossom I watched once in a while.

Jason Berek-Lewis said...

Hey Brant, What are Hush Puppies?

Brant W. Fowler said...

LOL. I'm not laughing at you, Jason, I'm just laughing because I knew, I just knew you were going to ask me that. :)

They're a cornmeal dish usually served with fish. Here's a recipe and picture:,1977,FOOD_9936_21605,00.html