Friday, September 15, 2006

The Fly

There is a fly in the house that is driving me crazy. It came in early this afternoon and acts very strange like it's half dead. It was crawling around on the kitchen floor, but still had enough life in it to escape my every crushing blow.

Evidently it had more life than that, because later on I went into my room upstairs and there it is on the ceiling. It's as still as can be for about ten minutes, even when I get close to it. I figured it had just up and died there. But as soon as I swing for it it disappears again.

So time passes and I'm sitting on the bed sketching and it keeps making passes as if taunting me. Then it goes into hiding again.

I spotted it once more on the ceiling and thought I hit it, knocking it into my art. But I was wrong as it flew by again later.

After this I even tried foolishly laying food out hoping it would land on it and do its whole regurgitating thing so I could swat it. No luck. Haven't seen it since.

The problem is I know it's still there, and I won't be able to sleep as long as I know it's there. I hate bugs with a passion. I just don't like them at all, and if I know there's one alive near me I have to get it out or kill it. I've seen to many discovery channel specials about common bugs crawling in your nose and mouth while you sleep. Ewwww.

So here I am, it's after 2am and I'm starting to get sleepy and I have a stupid fly to contend with that, for all I know, could have crawled off somewhere to die peacefully. Sigh.

Curse that fly!


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Jason Berek-Lewis said...

Ha! LOL I hate bugs too. Flies don't bother me too much because there are so many of themm here in Oz ... Moths - I hate Moths! And cockroaches too - I can't stand them! GROSS!