Saturday, September 30, 2006

1 Year Anniversary

Yep, that's right. Today is the one year anniversary of this blog (click the post title to read the very first post). I jumped into the blogosphere exactly one year ago today on the last day of September. A lot has changed, a lot has stayed the same.

When I started the blog it was out of curiosity more than anything. Everyone seemed to have one by t
hat time and with my website down I figured I'd give it a shot and see what it was like. I guess for a writer it's like a dream come true because, in case you didn't know, we like to write!

It's actually a very therapeutic tool for me. While I don't go into great detail a lot of times I have found myself sharing things here that I don't even talk to people about. It's just easier to write them than talk about them I suppose.

This blog hasn't just been about my life or the trials I face, but about frie
ndships and connections I've made. While I've known Cary Kelley for a few years now, Jason Berek-Lewis and Chuck "Crazz" Kennedy were new friends that have become great friends over the past year. It just so happened that we all started blogs roughly around the same time and found each other simultaneously. Jason and I met via the Dabel Brothers forums where I believe he announced his new blog. I checked his out, and he mine and we realized we had a lot in common. Chuck, I believe, got the link to my blog from the Devil's Due forums, which I only rarely pop up on, and we hit it off as well. Then of course Cary was in and out, and the four of us just kind of clicked and became fast friends. I go to these three guys with all kinds of stuff both personal and professional before anyone else knows about them, and they do the same. That's the biggest experience this blog has brought me, and the one I'm most thankful for.

I have also used this blog to talk about my projects, my art, and various other things. I've made connections with a lot of people through this thing, and I've gotten work from it.
So you can't beat that. But really it's all about the relationships. It still thrills me to no end when I discover someone new reads my blog, like Ray Hickson, who I also hit it off with, or various comic creators, or general writers or just people in general. It just makes me feel good that people find what I have to say interesting, so thank you.

I used to get caught up on significant dates, like this anniversary for instance. I've always found an importance in special dates to commemorate things, and that's all fine and well. But I
could take it too far at times, as a good friend pointed out to me. The old me would have killed myself to have something special to announce on a day such as this for example. But I've tried to mellow out on that regard and just enjoy it for what it is.

That said, there's nothing I really have to announce or any special features I have to
include at this time. I am content in the celebration of this milestone for what this blog has brought me. It's been a way to express myself and to talk about things I enjoy. At times, maybe many times it's been an outlet to pimp my projects, and most importantly, as I said above, it's been a way to build new friendships. No announcement or special project could really top any of that for me, and to suggest that this anniversary is less because of the lack would degrade and insult all the personal achievements mentioned already.

So, let me say a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you who has taken the time out of your
busy lives to read these words, and to those who keep faithfully coming back and giving me your support. You have no idea how much your respect, loyalty, interest and friendships truly mean to me. You all have made this a day to remember.



Crazz said...

Congrats on making it a full year!! What's your post count up to these days? It's got to be close to 200 right?

And for me, I found out about your blog from the CBR forums when I was starting threads about the good and bad of local comic shops.

So 1 year huh? Keep it up my friend!

Brant W. Fowler said...

Hmm, must have been someone else I was thinking of then. But hey, that's cool. CBR, huh? At the time I hardly went there either. It's just wild.

Actually I'm well past 200. Right now I'm, 395 with my next post!

Thanks, man!

hicko said...

Happy 1st birthday Brant. It's weird how you run into like-minded people in places like these. It's always great to share experiences and in that way it isn't a bad thing that the world has become so much smaller. Cheers

Jason Berek-Lewis said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I really enjoy your blog - it's expressive, honest and hopeful. Keep it up!