Thursday, July 13, 2006

Get Published

Okay, for all you creators out there, I'm here to school you and clue you in on a few ways you can get your stuff out there. Ready?

Visionary Comics Studio has just announced a new contest open to writers and artists alike starting at the San Diego Comic Con. You don't have to have a team in place, they provide that for you! No monetary reward or anything, but you get published, which is cool.

Find out more about the contest here:

For just you artists out there, Marvel Comics is looking at portfolio reviews at SDCC! This includes Pencillers, Inkers and Colorists (yep, us writers and letterers get no love from the big boys). Check out all the info here:

And finally, Warbreed and Kansas Hit, the two Small Press Idol projects I'm lettering, are allotted a few pages for pinups, ads and whatnot, so we may be open to some outside stuff. I know a few people have been approached for Kansas Hit, but if you want to submit or query about an ad or pinup email me at and I'll pass it along to the respective teams.

Just to clarify, this book WILL see print, no question about it, and will be sold through later this Summer.

So there are a few ways to get published. And by the way, much congrats to the DW boys who made it to the semi-finals of Platinum Studios' Comic Book Challenge. Good Luck!


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