Monday, July 17, 2006

CBRunway Round 2

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This round we had to redesign the Vision's costume (from the Avengers) to make it more modern. I chose to go with the classic look and just update it here and there making it more angular, sleek and modern.

We were also supposed to use the theme of "vision" in the design, therefore I decided to keep the same colors and make them pop even more with the cape to give him a kaleidescope (sp?) effect.

Inking and Coloring are not my things, and the overall drawing suffers from them unfortunately, but it turned out decent enough. I messed up on the foreshortening of the right arm, and the hands got messed up in the coloring, but other than that I'm okay with it.

The voting thread will go up tomorrow, but in the meantime check out the link in the title post to see the other entries. Some of them were really creative and will probably kick my butt! :)


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