Friday, June 30, 2006

Welcome to Fatherhood!

Chuck "Crazz" Kennedy, whom I've spoke of several times, and who is filling in on my column, is officially now a father! And not just any father, but a father of triplets!!!

I would like to publicly congratulate Chuck and Meva on their lovely newborn children and wish God's blessings to rain down upon them all!

While I'm not a parent yet I did help to raise my little brother and I can tell you from experience that for the next several years you will not sleep, nor do anything alone again! lol. But I know you will both love it, at least for now.

I kid. :)

Seriously, congratulations guys!

For anyone who wants to see pictures of the babies and read about their coming into this world, click the post title to check out Chuck and Meva's baby blog.


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