Sunday, June 04, 2006

To Don'ts

Well, I only got four of my eight goals complete yesterday, but in my defense one of them I never received word on, so that one was out of my hands. The others I just didn't get to. I had company drop by again yesterday unannounced and they were here late.

Today I have 9 goals, though three of them are up in the air. Two of them are lettering goals, both of which may not get done. One of those I never heard word on and the other I haven't received the script for yet.

The third one up in the air is a design thing with my site that I may just leave as is.

So I have 6 other goals, three of which are priority. So if I get those three done I'll be happy. We shall see. I sure hope I do because I already have 7 goals for tomorrow and I'd hate to see that list grow to 12 or more!


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