Friday, June 02, 2006


I totally meant to make a post yesterday on the 1st to usher in the new month, but I got too busy and was visited by unexpected company, which took up half my day in itself.

Late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning I laid out daily goals from now through June 20th, and man is it a long list. What makes it so long is all the stuff I have to do in preparation to relaunch my website. I think I've managed to break down the goals where they are spread out enough to not kill me.

I usually make a list of goals for the week, then cross them off as I complete them, but I haven't really been doing it by the day. I think it will be easier with them broken down. But the only problem with lists like this is new stuff that comes up, like new pages come in to letter or a new logo gig or editing or something. So the list never goes down.

Yesterday (Thursday), however, I managed to complete four of my five goals, which left me pretty satisfied. I did have to shift a sixth goal to today because of company. It was a drawing goal, and with everything else I had to do and as tired as I was I knew there was no way I would feel up to drawing today.

Today's list is longer than yesterday's, but that's because some are simple and small like sending high res versions of pages out. But I have some bigger ones to do as well.

I'm trying to complete one set of sequentials (three pages) by website launch time in addtion to all the lettering, writing and web designing I'm doing. I then hope to get another set complete by June 30th. I was going to wait until I was sure, but I figured hey, why not try to get Superman sequentials complete by the day the Superman Returns movie comes out? So that's my goal.

I decided when I got into the relaunching that I wanted to have more art, and that I would start simple. I would plan on three sets of sequentials including characters from three companies: Image, DC and Marvel. The first ones are Image pages, the second obviously DC, and the third will be Marvel. From there who knows?

I also got some good news Wednesday night, which added to my goal list, but I'll gladly take it! I was referred to Across The Pond Comics by Michael Kasinger (Tiki's Phayrie artist - a story I lettered) and so the EIC contacted me about doing some fill-in lettering on Atomik Mike! And if for some reason that one doesn't work out they will put me to work on something for sure. Suffice it to say it's a very exciting opportunity for me and I couldn't be happier about it.

I have decided to incorporate forums into my site, though I don't think they'll really become all that active until I have some work out there. But I want them in place just in case. I've had forums before and I was the only one posting on them, so I'm hesitant, but you know.

I'm going with phpbb2 for now because it's easy to implement and I'm familiar with them having designed a few. But I will most likely upgrade to a Simple Machines forum later on as they have a convertor for phpbb2. These are the forums used by the SPA and I like them. Not as well as Vbulletin, but then I don't have a couple of hundred bucks to shill out for those.

I am going to try to have thumbnails of my art and lettering that link to a pop up window of larger images if all goes well. I am going to try my best to minimize scrolling.

Speaking of which, my blog will look slightly different than the site for two reasons. One, because of the sidebar links, which the site design doesn't have room for. Two, because the site design has a bottom, and I'm not sure I can incorporate that into the blog. So worse case scenario, the blog will contain the header and left sidebar of the website, but the right and bottom will be different.

Eventually I'm going to pay someone to make me a better website than I'm capable of, but this one will do and I think it will be nice enough.

I still have to type up poems and stuff and transfer those to the site, and I have to go through my lettering and pick the best pages to showcase and get permission for certain pages and make thumbnails and all kinds of stuff.

I've got a lot to do, but I'm really hoping these daily to-do-lists will help me achieve them all in time.


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Jason Berek-Lewis said...

I'm so hyped about ATOMIK MIKE, I am so, so happy for you!