Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mid-Week Melee

Well, it's after midnight here making it June 15th, and if things had gone according to plan the site would be up right now. As it stands it'll be rough getting it ready by June 19th. I wish I hadn't overestimated my time and pronounced a later date to begin with, but such is life.

This week has been crazy, and I am way behind on my goals. I have managed to promote the heck out of Kansas Hit and Warbreed thankfully, but still not as much as I would like. Next round we plan on getting creative though, so it should be a lot of fun.

I watched Final Fantasy VII Advent Children tonight with my brother and it was decent. I actually haven't played FFVII, though I love the franchise, and the movie was pretty cool. The best parts of course were the fighting sequences, but man those artists rock! Everything looked so real, even the texture and freckling of the skin when zoomed in. Much props to those very talented graphic artists!

I need a haircut desperately. My hair is down to my nose now, and somewhere between Monday and today it just got too out of hand and won't lay right anymore. I don't look particularly great with long hair, especially with the few extra pounds I've put on and can't seem to lose.

I only picked up three books this week and haven't read any of them yet. I got Civil War #2, 52 #6, and G.I. Joe America's Elite #12, and I picked up the latest issue of Wizard.

Of course yahoo sort of ruined Civil War for me as they posted a news item earlier today that said something to the affect of "Spider-Man reveals his identity in the comic". I mean I knew it was coming anyway, but still.

Round three of the Small Press Idol contest is in full swing as votes continue to pour in. At last tally Kansas Hit was in third and Warbreed was trailing in 6th place. I sincerely hope both make it to the next round not because I'm lettering them, but because I truly honestly believe they are two of the best entries in the contest.

I sent an email today that could (hopefully) change something for me, so we'll see what happens. It's highly doubtful, but I'm trying to stay positive. I really need this change, so hopefully things will come through.

I watched The Ringer last night and man was that a hilarious movie. The mentally challenged actors they got were incredibly funny and very good. There are so many quotes I keep saying over and over again, but I think my favorite is any time Thomas says "Possibly". I also liked Billy's "You scratched my CD, you know. You picked it up in clear daylight and scratched it". Very good movie.

I have to complete one lettering assignment by tomorrow and it's going to be close. But it's going to the printer Friday, so I have no choice.

Heard some good news about a project I lettered recently, so I'm stoked about that one. It'll be a while before it sees print (it's looking like Spring of next year) but the way it's being handled is good and it's a high quality book all around. I also designed the logo for it, so you may see that soon depending on if I get permission to show it or not.

And that's about it for tonight. I'm about half out of it on allergy medication at the moment and still have a lot to do.


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