Sunday, June 25, 2006

Idol in Disarray

Well, looks like we had some drama occur Saturday. As I mentioned in a previous post the idol forums went down all day yesterday due to some server problem. As a result votes were apparently lost, thus corrupting the competition. So, Round 3 was ended a day early and the last official tally is where the votes ceased even though there were many more votes than recorded.

Anyway, because of this the officials decide to not just put the top five into the judges veto process, but the top ten! So currently the top ten projects are going through the judges veto process. The only difference between last round's and this round's veto votes is if a project gets knocked out no project moves up to replace it.

I'm telling you, they are making the rules as they go.

So far one judge, Hal, has nominated Wicket & Imp to be voted out, and another judge, Chris, has voted for Joe Zombie and Cross & Nails to be voted out. The way it works, though, is two of the three judges have to agree on an entry, then Ian, the overseer for lack of a better term, has the final say. Kathy, the third judge, has yet to state her votes, so it looks like right now those three projects are in danger of being voted out, which means at least seven projects will advance to Round 4 instead of five.

Man, this contest has been crazy, and I have a LOT of mixed feelings about it. But I can't complain because it looks like both The Kansas Hit and Warbreed will advance at this point. But it ain't over yet, so anything could happen.


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