Saturday, June 03, 2006

Doing the To-Do's

Well, out of the 8 total goals for yesterday, including the ones carried over from the day before, I completed 6. So I'm still doing pretty good. I once again have 8 goals today though 1 is up in the air, and there are two others I may not get to today.

I've run into some problems with the forums I'm trying to integrate. I found a template that was a perfect match for the site color and theme wise, but I'm having trouble making it fit within the site design. I'd rather have it completely uniform if at all possible, but I may have to do without the footer as is and let it flow freely if I can't figure out how to nest it properly. Ugh!

I haven't been sleeping well at all, and it's affecting what I'm able to get done. I have been sleeping for thirty minute to two hours at a time, waking up, trying to go back to sleep and tossing and turning all night. This has gone on for five or so days now, pretty much ever since I had that situation I spoke of a few posts back. Of course that's all mixed with all these to-do's and some more bad news we received yesterday, and worrying about my mom who goes into surgery Tuesday.

My Mom has never had surgery aside from having babies, which I guess isn't really surgery, so she's a little scared. She'll be fifty-three in a little over a month and the last time she was in the hospital was because she nearly died from stress-related stuff about a year and a half ago right after Christmas. So she's not fond of hospitals right now.

It's just knee surgery, but since she has deeper problems (the mass they found I spoke of a while back) they are considering giving her a historectomy also.

So anyway, all of that is weighing heavily on me and I guess affecting my rest, which in turn affects my abilities to get these to-do's done. But I'm determined to get through them as once they are done I can relax a bit. Getting this site up is very important for me I think. Having a web presence is very important I think, and I've been without one for so long save this blog. Plus it's pushing me to get more writing and art done so the site won't be so bare.

I was watching TRL yesterday for the first time in forever and this new artist Cassie was on there talking about how she got her start. Turns out she used MySpace to blog and show her music and got a record deal just from that. I thought that was pretty cool.

So anyway, on today's agenda I first have to write tomorrow's column, and I hope to write at least next week's as well.

Then I have 4 pages I need to finish lettering for a Ronin story, which won't take any time at all as I already have everything placed.

I need to figure out this CSS scrolling page trick, but I'm getting leary of it. From what I've been reading it adds horizontal scroll bars as well, which I do not want.

I have to finish the Aroquin script still. It's one goal that I keep pushing to the next day. I wish I had more time and energy to give it the attention it deserves.

Then I have to draw some on my first set of Sequentials I mentioned yesterday.

Providing I hear from ATP, I may or may not have 8 pages to letter from them today, so that's the one that's up in the air.

And finally, just continuing to work on the forums. I've started a thread at the phpbb forums asking for help, but I haven't had any responses yet.

And that's what I'll be doing today among other things non-creative of course, like mowing this dreadful lawn if the grass isn't too wet from yesterday's downpour.

So if you don't hear from me, you know where I'm at!


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