Saturday, June 10, 2006

5 Days and Counting

Ah, the weekend! I wish it was going to be a relaxing one. Of course working on web stuff and comic stuff is kind of relaxing for me. I love it!

But I've got five days until the launch of my website if I keep to schedule. I'm still having trouble with the stupid scroll thing as it has two problems. Problem 1 is that it adds both horizontal and vertical scroll bars. Problem 2 is it requires a full CSS file to work properly, something I don't have time for right now. So at this point I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I really wanted it contained within the header and footer, but I'm fearing I'm gonna have to remove the footer. It doesn't seem like I've had this kind of trouble before, so I don't know why I'm running into it now. Ugh.

On top of all that, I've had little to no time to draw and I don't want to rush my sequentials since I'm trying to make them the best I've ever done. And I really wanted to have some new art with the new launch.

Then there's the forums and blog. I made a little bit of headway with both yesterday, but not as much as I would have liked.

Last night was very trying. It was the deadline for round 3 of the Small Press Idol contest. I am lettering two entries, both of which weren't ready until the last possible minute. There was lettering to correct on both entries, and what made matters worse was I had to step out for 40 minutes an hour before the deadline! But luckily we got both entries off just under the deadline. Kansas Hit went in about 20 minutes before possibly with a page I wasn't happy about, but it wasn't my decision. Ugh. Warbreed slid under with about 5 minutes to spare thankfully..

Today after 1 lettering job I'm prepping I'm focusing on stuff for the website all day, which will consist of some coding, some writing, some layout and some drawing...if all goes well. I'm pretty sure some of my family will be popping in sometime today, but hopefully they won't take up too much time. Every day this week so far I've lost at least 4 hours or more to them. But family comes first, and if I have to push the site launch date back a bit it's worth it. I'm trying everything in my power NOT to have to do that though.

Superman Returns is now coming out June 28th, which gives me two less days to finish my sequentials that I wanted to have available on opening day just because I think it's kinda cool. Don't know if that will happen as coming off the site I will still have a lot to do for a couple of weeks before it slows down.

I didn't get the Atomik Mike lettering job after all. :( They said they had other stuff for me though. I just wanted that one because it was slightly higher profile than other stuff I've done as of yet. Still hoping to land that big lettering job to help pay some bills and all while I try to get my writing off the ground.

Sorry I missed posting yesterday, it was a very hectic day. I also fell yesterday and hurt my bad knee worse and can hardly make it down the stairs. My aunt tells me I'm having sympathy pains for my mom, who had knee surgery ironically on the same knee. My knee was injured a few years ago playing football with some friends and I never had it checked out because I didn't have money or insurance at the time. Then it got better and I didn't worry about it. Now it's swollen, very sore and I can hardly bend it, and I once again am low on cash and have no insurance. Good thing I have no aspirations for sports!

And again I've talked your eyes off, so I will leave it at that. More later. :)


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