Friday, May 26, 2006

Surviving the Storm

Last night we had a pretty nasty storm with the loudest thunder and most frequent lightning I have ever seen! Luckily it was only flash lightning as opposed to fork lightning, which causes the real problems. We also had tornado warnings and watches, and the way the thunder was rolling it really sounded like it was possible.

Now the last tornado I remember actually touching down around here was many, many years ago when I was between the ages of 5 and 6, but I could be wrong. It was still a pretty vicious storm for the second night in a row. Luckily it calmed down and there wasn't much if any real damage, so that's a great thing.

I got off the computer for a while last night just in case. With all the computer problems I've been having I didn't want to take a chance. I have a surge protector, but those things don't always work.

I managed to finish lettering on a short story prior to the storm, and now that corrections are made I just have to make the high res versions and send them off. Then I have two more short lettering assignments and I'll be free and clear until the next batch comes in, which could be two days or tw
o weeks from now, or longer, who knows?

I didn't get any writing done at all, or work on my website, though my intentions were to do both.

Today X-Men 3: The Last Stand opens. I plan on going to see it with my brother sometime this weekend unless he's tied up with his friends. He's out of school for the summer and likes to go to the skate park and skateboard. Plus he has a little girlfriend that he's afraid to tell me about because he thinks I'll tease him. It's hard to not let him know I already know when I catch him covering up. Mom will ask if he's going with Nicki and if I'm in earshot he'll quickly say, "Yeah, with Nicki and Doug and some other people". lol.

I picked up the Summer Mega Movie edition of Wizard Magazine and so far it's a good read. It's not like the regular magazine in that this is completely about comic related movies and TV shows without their regular content like the Picks, Price Guide, etc.

I was pleasantly surprised to see they mentioned El Muerto on page 142, the comic of which I have showcased in Indy-Pendant. The movie stars Wilmer Vilderamma of That 70's Show fame (Fez). The trailer, I found out recently, is online here:

El Muerto Movie Trailer

According to Wizard, Eric Bana probably won't be returning as Banner in Hulk 2, but the movie is going back to the comic and TV show roots having Banner on the run.

Todd McFarlane is looking to make a new live action Spawn movie hopefully far, far superior to the original starring Michael Jai White, which was abyssmal. I'm not a fan of Spawn, but I did check the movie out when it went on cable, and recently it came on again so I watched bits and pieces. This movie was just awful.

Lots of Top Cow projects in the works for translation to the big and little screen including The Darkness, Witchblade, Spear of Destiny (Magdalena), Aphrodite IX, Wanted and a few others.

My friend, Carissa (pictured - the picture is two years old now, but she looks the same), whom I've mentioned before here is still planning on getting married on June 19th, then she and her new husband are moving to Ohio (where he lives now). I haven't seen Carissa in several months and I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it to the wedding. She's a very special girl and I miss her dearly. I've known her since she was a baby and watching her grow from an awkward yet outspoken young girl into the beautiful young woman she is today has been a pleasure. She is truly one of the special people on this planet. One of the most compassionate and loving people I have ever known, and she has always been there for me. As long as this guy, who I don't know that well, makes her happy I'm happy.

I'm sad to see her getting married and moving away though. Deeply sad. Of course I'm not a fan of young marriages these days. I've seen too many friends end up miserable or in divorce. At her age I thought I was ready for marriage, but looking back I am glad I didn't go that route at that time. She'll be 21 in July, and she's excited about the prospect of being married. She probably also relishes the thought of being on her own as her parents (my pastor and his wife) and sister (the choir leader) are very, very strict with her, and she still lives at home. They put a lot of pressure on her, so I can imagine wanting to break away.

I wish her the best in life as if anyone on this earth deserves it she does.

Back to comics for a minute. DC's 52 is one of the few titles I am able to pick up and I have been thoroughly enjoying it. With the star creative team engineering it there's no way it couldn't be good, but it really is one of the best written comics out right now. The art ain't too shabby either. And as Crazz pointed out on his blog (Chuck Kennedy - sidebar) DC set up a fictional Daily Planet site for 52 in real time highlighting the events of the comic as they take place and all kinds of other stuff like sports scores, etc. The whole experience is really cool. But the coolest thing about 52 is the showcasing of second stringers like Booster Gold and John Henry Irons (Steel). The creative team is taking these characters who have sometimes been considered lame and really defining them and making them interesting characters you care about and want to know about. I highly recommend picking this series up even if you haven't followed Infinite Crisis. The short of what you need to know is Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are nowhere to be found (yet Clark Kent is - Superman lost his powers) following the events of IC and the worlds were combined into New Earth, meaning a lot of people died and a lot of people lived. Black Adam is now the ambassador of Kandaq and rules with an iron fist. And that's pretty much it. Now you can go and enjoy this fine series.

This week a variant of Nextwave is released in which you can color. Yes, I said color. It's a contest sponsored by CBR. Check it out here:

Nextwave Coloring Contest

Ultimate Fighter was...interesting last night. I don't like either of the guys who fought. The one guy, Danny, just ran his mouth constantly obviously out of some insecurity issues. I've known plenty of people just like him. But once he got into the octagon he had something to prove. He got pulverized mainly by just not fighting back as he looked scared to death. But he wouldn't tap until he had no choice or end up with a broken arm.

Ed, the other fighter, is just so arrogant he gets on my nerves. He's full of macho crap, thinks he's the best fighter, blah blah blah. Plus he didn't fight that well. The first blow of the fight was a stiff shot to the side of his face by Danny, which rocked him. He won and beat the crap out of the other guy, but not that great. Danny just didn't fight back and wasn't really trying all that much to escape the ground and pound.

The problem with guys like Ed is they believe their own hype. And that's fine and well until you prove you can't live up to that hype, which was what we saw last night.

My mom had to go in for blood work today to prepare for her surgery on June 6th. She couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight, and seeing she's a bit of a night owl as well that was hard. The food wasn't so bad, but not drinking anything before you go to bed or after you wake up is hard. She, my brother and I have always been the way where we always have to have something to drink. So I know it was hard on her not to have her coffee this morning.

And that's all I can really think of right now.

I guess I should probably do some lettering, writing or web design now, huh?


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