Sunday, May 28, 2006

Starting the Week Off Right

Whew! I just finished and sent off four installments of Myth Conceptions putting me ahead through June 19th, meaning technically I'd have until June 25th before having to write another one. That really takes a load off. I hope to do the same thing with Indy-Pendant here soon to give myself a break from the weekend scramble.

I also finished an Approbation comics short (lettering) and will finish another one today as well as two pages of a Ronin title. Then all I've have left to complete my goals this weekend is to finally finish the Aroquin script.

I may go see X3 with my brother today, I don't know yet. It depends on how the day goes after 12.

The rest of the week will be filled with another revision on Lab Rats and getting my website up and running, which is still proving to be difficult.

I think I found a way to have a scrolling page without a frame, which is what I really wanted for the design I've got going. But I probably won't have as much content as I really wanted to have when it goes live.

I had wanted to have a couple of fan fiction pieces, two or three sets of new sequentials, new poetry and other writing, new pics, etc. But it's just not feasible unless I want to wait a couple more months, which I most certainly dont.

I will have some new poetry up and I'm going to try earnestly to get at least one fan fiction piece and one set of sequentials up if not by launch by a week after launch. I really hope to update both the art and the writing weekly this time around.

One thing I will have is plenty of lettering and logos to showcase, which is good since that's what I'm actually getting paid for these days.

I'm debating on actual comic scripts. 90% of everything I have is creator-owned stuff and I'm hesitant to put any of that up. I'll probably just stick with the fan fiction and say scripts are available upon request or something.

The trick to the website is going to be integrating this blog to match. I decided not to go with the blog for the home page. I probably should, but I figure the home page can be an intro that will have the basic updates listed as things are added, and the blog will serve as a detailed account or journal.

It's so confusing on what to use and what not to use. I'm trying to design it in a way I don't have to update everything (myspace, blog, site), but just one for certain things. I don't know, it's such a headache. I'll be glad when the lettering I have to do right now is done and the Aqoquin script so I can focus on the site.

If I see X3 today I'll post my thoughts here tonight. If I don't I'll continue to avoid the news bytes and dedicated threads of discussion until I do.


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