Monday, May 29, 2006


First of all, God Bless our troops, and much thanks to the veterans and those that gave their lives for our great country.

Now, today was kind of same old, same old for me. My family got together and went swimming and had a cookout, while my little brother went skateboarding with a friend. I stayed home as I wasn't really up to it today. So I just kind of lounged around the house, did some minimal lettering, worked on my website a bit and caught X-Men and X2 on FX back-to-back warming me up for tomorrow when (hopefully) my brother and I finally go see X3.

I say hopefully because my brother has possibly made other plans again, which is nothing new. He gets caught up with his friends and forgets all about his big bro. It's understandable though as he's 13.

I started a fan fiction piece on a Marvel character last night based on an idea I was going to pitch at Epic way back when. I'm hoping to have the first part of it finished and ready to go with my website launch.

Wrestling was okay tonight, but for the most part as boring as it has been for months now.

Heard from Scott, the artist on WBZ tonight. He's deep in wedding preparations and school at the moment.

I'm looking forward to the MTV Movie Awards coming up. I usually don't watch this and then sometimes tape a replay and fast forward through it just to see the funny stuff. But this year my girl Jessica Alba is hosting!

I'm really tired right now, but have too much on my mind to sleep, so here I am. I'm trying to wake myself up enough to get something accomplished. I have about 6 pages I need to letter by tomorrow, but two of those I can't because the files were corrupted. I just don't feel like doing them. Ugh.

I am definitely going to write some more Myth Conceptions and Indy-Pendant columns this week to get way ahead. I just need the break desperately.

A summer vacation isn't looking promising this year. I really, really wanted to go to California, but if I go anywhere it'll p
robably be Kings Island or a water in Cincinatti. I'm not thrilled with those prospects. I'd much rather hit Cali or Florida. I love the beach. Hate the ocean, but love the beach. :)

Since I mentioned my forgotten Epic pitches, there's one particular story I had that I have really seriously been considering changing to original characters. My only fear is the way the story was set up it was based heavily in the Marvel Universe. Oddly enough, the break out that ushered in the New Avengers had a lot of similar elements in it. So I'm kind of leary it won't come off as well as it could of. But I love the cinematic feel I put in it, so I hope I find a way to make it work.

Anyway, that's about it from me tonight. Just wasting time really.


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