Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Cary got through his edits of the breakdowns for the entire WBZ mini and only had a few corrections to suggest, so that made me feel really good. This project is getting me very excited as it nears time to send out the submission packets one more time, this time to more companies as well.

The writer of Warbreed started a blog, which is currently showcasing Warbreed stuff and probably will solely do that at least throughout the competition. You can check it out here:

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, I haven't been able to get real motivated lately, so I have yet to finish the Aroquin script and I feel terrible about it.

Haven't heard anything new on The Kansas Hit yet, and I haven't had a chance to work on the logo anymore.

I did create another logo for a project called Nation. Don't know if it's okay to show it yet, so I'll hold off for now. I'm building quite a library of logos though.

I may redo one logo I did for a book called 3rd System. After seeing the art I'm not completely satisfied with the logo.

My website design took a turn for the worse last night as I realized I didn't like the revisions I made any more than I liked the previous design. So now I've got the title bar and sidebar done, but none of the rest of it and I don't know what I'm going to do with the rest of it. My self-imposed deadline is June 1st, which is only 9 days away. I haven't even finished or started on all the content I wanted up when it went live. I've had the domain since last August and I still haven't gotten to the point I wanted. Such is life.

Ryan Scott Ottney seems frustrated as he is making changes in his life as is evidenced by his statement on his website, www.ryanscottottney.com. I hope everything works out for Ryan.

For those of you who may not know, Ryan is one of the founders of www.scrypticstudios.com. He's also written titles for Alias Comics and a Spider-Man story for Marvel that I don't believe ever saw print, but was picked up if I recall correctly. Best of luck, Ryan.

Recently on his blog Chuck "Crazz" Kennedy mentioned the new drama coming to NBC, Heroes, a show about a number of ordinary people waking up one day with super powers and a possible destiny to save mankind. Looks and sounds like a pretty cool show. While two or three of the cast members look familiar only one of them do I know by name, which is Ali Larter of Final Destination and Varsity Blues fame.

But I've been seeing commercials lately on the USA network advertising the third season of an oddly similar show called The 4400. In this show a meteor races towards earth threatening armageddon when suddenly it slows and lands on a lake. Then 4400 people who have been missing emerge from it with super powers and a possible destiny to save mankind. Evidently these 4400 were abducted then returned by humans in the future.

Now I'm not saying anyone ripped anyone off or anything...

Regardless, these are two shows featuring regularly dressed people (no costumes) a la Smallville, who have powers akin to our beloved comic book heroes. Interesting to say the least.

Not to mention the six-week superhero reality TV show, Who Wants to be a Superhero? Stan Lee is involved in coming to the Sci-Fi channel in which the winner will be immortalized in a new comic book by Stan Lee. Comic geeks will turn out in groves for the auditions, I'm sure. The prize is pretty cool nonetheless.

So it looks like TV has jumped on the superhero bandwagon full force despite the possible cancellation of the Aquaman series Mercy Reef.

Wrestling was a complete bore fest tonight. Not one match was entertaining at all. This was the lamest episode of Raw in a while, and that's not saying a whole lot.

Wrestling in general has gotten really boring lately, and it's a shame. They have incredibly talented wrestlers and they don't utilize them. On Smackdown they finally had a decent, yet small tag team division going and they break up the top team! I just don't get it.

TNA isn't much better in the storyline department, but at least most of their matches are more exciting to watch. Granted at that rate those guys are going to be retired with multiple injuries by the age of 30, but it's fun at the moment.

The Lost season 2 finale airs this week and things have gotten real interesting. The group was about to storm the Others' camp at the end of last week's episode when Sun sees a boat coming towards the island. It will definitely be interesting to see how the season ends. I'm gonna have to get my hands on season one this summer so I don't go into Lost withdrawal!

My TV watching is going to decrease a great deal after this week unless some really good summer shows come on. Just about everything I watch regularly or occasionally has ended for the season. After this week I'm left with wrestling, Ultimate Fighter and Deal or No Deal.

American Idol also ends this week as Kat and Taylor battle for the 5th American Idol crown. I don't care which one wins as I love both of them and know both will get record deals without a doubt. I'm still looking forward to the performances. Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood will be onhand at the finale.

I hate mowing the lawn! When we lived with my Papaw either he or my uncle or a kid down the street would mow our yard. Since then I've lived in apartments until we moved here. Now I have to mow the lawn, and though it's a small lawn I've only mowed about 6 times in my entire life. I hate it. It also doesn't help that freshly cut grass sends my eyes and nose into water works of various kinds as my allergies go into full affect. I have to immediately take off all my clothes and take a shower or my eyes will swell up and I'll be itchy all over. Ugh!

I'm having teeth problems and don't have the money or insurance to take care of them, and it's ticking me off. The pain right now is only occasional, but when it goes it goes.

I keep trying to make myself excercise more as I'm starting to get flabby and have lost a bit of muscle mass, what little I had, but I can't seem to actually do it. The sad thing is I hardly eat at all (like literally one meal a day - supper - and maybe some chips or fruit or something small like a cheese sandwhich throughout the day) but I'm gaining weight.

I think my metabolism has changed again. When I was a kid I ate a LOT! I'm talking every fast food joint I passed I had to have something. I was addicted to food. At the age of 14 I was 4 foot something and 195 pounds with no muscle in site. Since muscle weighs more than fat you do the math.

When I was 15 I hit a growing spurt, shot up to 6 feet and everything evened out. I even dropped to 155 pounds for nearly a year then evened out at around 180 with some muscle. From that point until about a year ago I could eat anything and not gain much weight. Oh how the tides have changed.

There's a lot of hoopla over The Da Vinci Code. Here's my personal take on it not knowing much about it. I am completely opposed to some of the things it presents, such as Jesus being married to Mary Magdalene and other Gnostic views expressed. But I'm not condoning banning the movie as it is a work of fiction. I do have a problem with it influencing people that are gullible enough to believe it and then get engrossed in it and maybe start up a religion somewhere down the line. And yes I'm exaggerating for effect.

As long as it is a work of fiction then I may not agree with it (I didn't agree with several things in Constantine or many other movies, books, etc. either) but I think it's a little drastic to want to ban it. This isn't The Last Temptation we're talking about where it was being passed off as fact. That I was in favor of banning, regardless of my feelings on censorship. It openly attacked my faith. This movie, however, is presenting a fictional theory that there are hidden signs in a deceased artist's paintings that could point to him being a Gnostic. It's action adventure fiction based purely on speculation with no facts to back it, so there's nothing to be up in arms about.

What does aggravate me though is when people say that the church is up in arms because they're not founded enough in their faith so they fear this kind of thing will shake them. That's complete rubbish. It's not that, it's that the church is coming against absurd theories that try to basically spit on their beliefs.

Anyway, I will probably watch this movie somewhere down the line and judge for myself. There's nothing that can sway me from my faith, so I'm definitely not worried about it influencing me. But I will say that anyone who thinks that movies, music, books, and anything else we take in don't have a spiritual and emotional effect on us to some degree is just plain delusional.

I did watch some stuff on the Discovery channel last night about the fabled spear of destiny and the Da Vinci code, both of which are shrouded in a lot of assumptions and speculation, and this is coming from experts. Take that for what it's worth.

And I think I've said enough for one night. Four days until X-3!



Jason Berek-Lewis said...

Hey, Lots of stuff going on!!! Who is the "Nation" logo for? Michael Kasinger, the guy who pencilled Tiki's Phayrie, is working on a comic called Nation, so I am wondering if it is the same project?

Brant W. Fowler said...

That be it. :)

Crazz said...

I saw DaVinci Code and it was just an OK movie. I think the book is much more controversial than the movie, which I felt went out of it's way to portray that the information was totally unfounded fact and mostly conspiracy laden. As a fan of the book, I was sad to see that. The book is better, but the movie is fun.

Brant W. Fowler said...

Hey Chuck, glad to see you were able to post. Strange.

Interesting thoughts on the book and movie. Like I said, I don't know enough about it to make a well-educated argument for or against it except those small things I pointed out. I guess one day I'll have to educate myself. :)