Thursday, May 25, 2006

Opposite Poles

The good and the bad.

My toe has eased down today after soaking and sleeping.

I still can't put a sock on.

I found an artist for one of my plagued projects who is very, very good!

I can't afford his rates.

A winner has been crowned on American Idol.

I taped it so I could watch lost, and didn't want to hear the results. During a commercial break while watching Lost the local news advertised they'd be going to the hometown of the new American Idol winner, Taylor Hicks, before I could change the channel.

The second season finale of Lost was awesome. (Spoilers below)

The season is over.

Taylor Hicks is the new American Idol

Katherin McPhee isn't.

A new singing competition called The One is debuting on ABC in July.

It looks second-rate and slightly boring.

FX is holding a competition to get your own sitcom. All you gotta do is make a cheap pilot episode.

The deadline is in three or so weeks (June 19th).

ECW is coming back.

It will be a manufactured shell of its former self missing its biggest draws.

Got encouraged to draw some after looking at some art.

Got discouraged after seeing some awesome art.

Eric came back for the final episode of That 70's Show.

The show is done.

Random Goods:
I got some lettering done.
Finally got in touch with Lee Nordling about Lab Rats - it's still a go, they've just been really busy.
Had some new friends added to my MySpace page.
Comic Avalanche got a new column, which I designed the logo and page for.
I'm the new champion at Pacman on the Ronin Studio forums.
I tried Coke's new product, Vault, and decided it was decent.
Found this pair of casual pants I thought had gone missing in a basket in my closet.
Got to see somebody slam their face into the floor trying to do a head spin (previews for "So You Think You Can Dance?").

Random Bads:
Had to listen to Meatloaf attempt to sing on the American Idol finale.
I overslept again.
The Comic Avalanche forums are being bombarded by spammers even though the board isn't technically active anymore.
Allergies are still acting up.
My printer's about out of ink.
While lettering a page earlier today Illustrator just closed on me causing me to have to restart the page.
It's about to storm again.

All that aside, tonight was good television. I have only watched the first half of American Idol so far, so even though I know who won, I haven't seen all the performances and stuff yet. Elliot Yamin performing with Mary J. Blige was really cool though, and so are the American Idol awards - total spoofs mostly honoring the rejects.

Now I'm not a fan of Mary J. Blige, but I recently read an interview with artist Ne-Yo where he stated his feelings about what makes a good artist (recording artist) and what he feels about Blige. He said a good singer has to be felt when they sing. And though people may criticize Blige for going off key or whatever, you always feel what she's singing, and he's right. So I give her props for that.

Lost was pretty cool. At first I thought they had a lame ending (Charlie and Claire kissing), but then they ended on a different note.


At the end of last week's episode a boat was coming to shore during the funeral for Libby and Ana Lucia. This week we find the boat contains Desmond, the guy who was found inside the hatch when they opened it. He tried to sail away, but came right back. We got to look into his past and find out how he came to be on the island and why he stayed.

Meanwhile, John was trying to get Mr. Eko to stop pressing the button, but he wouldn't. Jack, Michael, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley prepared to go to the Others' camp. Sayid and Jack conspired for Sayid to take the boat to the other side of the island so they could ambush the Others. Jin and Sun accompanied him.

During the trek in the woods Jack reveals to everyone Michael has been turned (in case you missed it, Michael killed Libby and Ana in order to get his son back) and Michael then revealed he killed the women. Back at the hatch, John has convinced Desmond that they must stop pressing the button. They short out the hatch causing a false lockdown, locking Eko out so they can see what happens when the button stops. So Eko and Charlie go and get dynamite as they are going to blow the blast doors open supposedly. Charlie tries to talk Eko out of it to no avail. The blast seemingly kills Charlie and Eko.

On the boat, Sayid, Jin and Sun see an enormous statue of a broken leg, meaning the rest of the statue was missing. But the even more peculiar thing was that the foot only had four toes. The three then land on the other side of the shore, but the Others aren't in their huts or anywhere else around.

Back in the forest, Jack and crew see the black signal smoke Sayid had said he would send up for them to meet. The only problem is the smoke is miles from their location, meaning Michael wasn't taking them to the camp. They are then attacked and captured by the Others.

Back in the hatch Desmond starts getting cold feet about the button and begins asking questions. Locke throws him the printouts from the other hatch he and Eko had found, which revealed this hatch (with the button) was all a psychological test. Desmond starts reading the numbers and comes to a startling conclusion. He asks John what date the plane crashed. John says Sept. 22nd.

Now a bit earlier we saw a flashback of Desmond in the hatch as his buddy was going outside in a protection suit. Desmond followed him and discovered his boat actually was still on the island instead of being destroyed as he was told. His buddy was going to leave him there. The two tussle and Calvin gets killed. Desmond rushes back to the hatch, but it's too late. The time has run out, the computer screen says over and over again "System Failure". All the metal objects begin to fly through the air towards the wall and the whole hatch shakes. Desmond enters the numbers and finally things calm down.

Back to now, the printout shows on September 22, 2004 System Failure over and over again. This was the day Desmond failed to push the button and possibly caused the plane to crash on the island.

Back to the Others on a pier. Henry Gale turns out to be their leader. They let Michael and Walt take a boat and leave the island, giving them coordinates to be rescued. They let Hurley go so he can tell everyone else never to come to the Others' camp. They keep Jack, Kate and Sawyer prisoner.

Back in the hatch, the time runs out, things start flying, Charlie gets out. Desmond decides to use the failsafe to which he had a key hidden for. This blows up the hatch. The entire island is engulfed in white light and deafening sound for a brief moment. Then the Quarantine hatch door hurtles through the sky and nearly kills Claire and her baby.

Charlie comes wondering out of the woods, but Desmond, Eko and Locke, who were all in the hatch, are nowhere to be found.

Earlier in the episode during Desmond's flashbacks we learned Desmond was in the Queen's army, but disobeyed, landed in jail, then was dishonorably discharged. Upon release he is picked up by his girlfriend's father who has intercepted all Desmond's letters so his daughter would think Des abandoned her. The father tries to pay Des off to stay away from her, but he doesn't take it. He decides later on to get his honor back he's going to win a race around the world sponsored by his girlfriend's father, then he'll go back to Penny. But he doesn't have a boat. He then meets a woman who gives him her late husband's boat. This woman was...Libby.

At the end of the episode these two guys in some cold place in a shack are playing chess as a monitor starts flashing saying there's some kind of electromagnetic anomaly. They get all excited and call Ms. Whittmoore and tell her they think they've found it. She turns the light on. It's Desmond's girlfriend.

Pretty cool ending. Can't wait for season three!

And with this being the third long post of the past four, that's enough for now.



Cary said...

well sorry for all the bad and great news on all the good! the sandwhich thing was especially shocking i thought. yuck! i hate it when that happens! i watched LOST last night and was really upset with the ending! argh! but that's why they call em cliffhangers i guess. lol

Crazz said...

Did I mention that the finch is back?

Hah! I wish I had a bad sandwich to worry about....but no, I get the Yellow Finch of Doom!!

Hehehe.......hang in there Brant. Worse that will happen is your toe will fall off, you'll get a stomach ache from the bad sandwich, and you won't have any money to buy clean underware with.

Or, you could forget to enter the code!!!