Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just One Of Dem Days

So today has just been a mess and everything has gone wrong.

I think I broke the lawnmower as it won't start anymore.

My toe problem worsened today and I couldn't even get a sock on it hurt so bad (I need minor surgery on my toe - no big deal, it's just very painful and I can't wear regular shoes until I get it done).

My tooth problem escalated to painful heights today, though it has thankfully subsided.

My little brother, bless his heart, completely wiped my username off Mozilla losing all my bookmarks, which gave me a slight scare, but I found them once again.

There were banana peppers on my sandwhich I didn't want, and it ruined the taste.

Katherine McPhee's last song of the night on American Idol was just an awful song that probably lost the competition for her. It wasn't her, the song was just terrible.

Because I mowed the lawn the allergies I managed to pretty much avoid this year so far have finally flared up and now my nose and ears are stopped up, my eyes are itching, swelling and watering, my throat is getting sore and I have a slight headache.

I came in second for a paid lettering gig, which means I didn't get it.

I wanted to spend some time with my brother today, but I overslept and he went to the park with some friends all day.

I forgot epsom salt at the store for the third time in a row, which I needed to soak my foot to ease the pain.

I've killed like 5 mosquitos in my house and the bites on my arms and legs tell me there are more looming about.

I ran out of shampoo.

My straw broke.

I got completely grossed out catching a glimpse of the show House, which featured a guy with a swollen tongue whose eye popped out of its socket and his...lower regions exploded as he tried to urinate. Not a pleasant sight!

I've read all the comics I have that I tried to pace out since I can't buy them regularly right now.

American Idol Season 5 ends tomorrow, which means I can no longer live vicariously through the show as I have the past five months.

My favorite t-shirt has a big rip in it under the right arm exposing half my chest.

And that about sums up this glorious day.

Some positive things happened and were accomplished, honestly, I just don't remember what they were. ;)

Just One Of Dem Days.



Jason Berek-Lewis said...

OUCH! That is one hell of a day ... On the upside, the weekend is almost here :D

Crazz said...

Did the Giant Lizards come and attack your town? That's how I always judge my days........... if the Giant Lizards haven't attacked, it's been a good day.

Of course, that's just me, and I do have regular issues with Giant Lizards so I've learned to judge my days differently.

If it makes you feel better, I had a bird attack my house again yesterday..........all day. Every time I chased it away with a broom, it would come back in a minute or so and just start pecking at my window again.

Did I mention that was all day? Pretty much nonstop. A stupid bird, pecking at the window, cooing and cawing, and then more pecking at the window. All day. Taunting me with his wings. Flying away and then coming back to do it again. All day. All Day! ALL DAY!!!!!!!