Friday, May 26, 2006


Aw man, I just goofed BIG TIME! I was supposed to have the letters transferred from inks to colors for the first ten pages of a book I'm lettering (obviously) by at the latest 12pm my time (almost 5 hours ago). I was told late Wednesday night (around Midnight) that they would be uploaded in the next four hours.

Now, with this particular client we typically transfer files via ftp. Recently I was told to start sending in pdf to cut down on the process. So somehow I got the idea in my head that he would be emailing me the pages. He didn't. I just realized, then checked to confirm, that he uploaded them to the ftp server.

The thing that makes all this worse is the reason they needed to be done by 12 today. The writer had a meeting with an interested publisher who wanted to see the first 10 pages fully complete at 10am his time, 1pm my time. So I totally dropped the ball here and feel completely and utterly awful.

I haven't heard one peep from the writer yet, as I assume he's either out or ticked at me, so I don't know how it went, if I'm fired, or what. lol (nervous laugh).

What a great way to end a horrid week!


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